Tips For Better Green Reading

Golf is a very popular sport among the people. This game has no age limit as it does not involve too much hard core physical tasks. Thus,anyone can play this sport. Many people after retirement play golf to stay active and fit. There are many beginners in this sport who struggle for green reading. Green reading involves many tips and tricks and understanding this can make you a lot better golf player. There are various books also available online reading which you can get to know about the best green reading tips that are effective.

Some of the tips for better green reading

  • Feel low points – always watch the low points on the ground carefully. Many people struggle in putting the ball into right spot when they are a beginner. In this case, you should observe the ground carefully where you are playing and look for the slanting slopes. These low points can help you to enhance your putting speed. Thus, figuring out the low pints on the ground can make you a better player.
  • Practice your pace – practicing the pace of your hitting is really important before you go for the shot. Observe the hole and the path. Take time to analyze the pace of your hit. This will give you a better idea to score well. You can observe a professional player to practice.
  • Pick the spot – picking the right spot is important if you want a perfect game. Decide the straight line which follows the hole. Set your position by tilting towards the hole a little bit and go for the hit.